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Saving the Little Bay Islands Cats
The Little Bay Islands are off the coast of Newfoundland. The population of the town has declined so much that the whole town is being relocated and all its residents moved out. All except the feral cats that live there and are dependent on humans for survival.
When the people go the cats will be desperate.   The government initially made plans to euthanize the animals. However the vet working with the government resigned and plans for euthanizations stopped.

Rescue groups from Nova Scotia were contacted and they are making plans to remove all the cats from the islands. It is only 40 cats, but for any one shelter that is a lot of cats. A number of rescue groups are working together to save all the cats and remove them.

We have a responsibility  to help these cats. There would be no cats on the island if humans didn't bring them there.
I am glad the government backed down on the euthanasia plan.  There was no need for that.  It is typical to think killing first and then think of rescue. This whole problem would not exist if people had spayed and neutered their pets in the first place. 
Of course in a town so small that it can shut down there was probably no vet to do the neutering. I wish them luck with their cat trapping. Hopefully many of the cats can be adopted into loving homes. The rest can live out their lives in peace in something they are calling a barn cat program. It exists in other places. Feral cats that cannot settle as indoor cats are given a chance to live in barns on people's farms.  It is not a perfect solution, but for a feral cat it is sometimes the only hope they have for a life they can cope with.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I do hope they find a suitable solution sounds there are some people with compassion and sense.
The people doing the actual rescuing have a plan. They will neuter and spay the cats so there are no more litters. They will find homes for the adoptable ones. The cats that are too feral to adopt will live free in  barns on people's farms. It is an idea they came up with for feral cats. If they live in a barn and roam free on someone's farm, they don't need to be tame. They are safe enough and have shelter and food. It is the best idea they could come up with for feral cats that have to be moved.

It just seems so odd to think of a whole town moving away like that.
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