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People pretending to speak for their pets
I came across an article about people actually pretending that their pets are speaking. They create a voice for the pet and use that voice to have a conversation with the pet. People also do this with babies and stuffed toys.

I don't think I have ever heard anyone do this. I know I have never done this. I am curious. Have you ever made up a voice and pretended to speak for your pet? If yes, can you tell me why. We would be projecting our own thoughts onto the animal. I would rather try and understand what the pet is really communicating. Now I am going to be listening and see if I can find someone who does that.
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#2 I haven't ever done that. But Misty spoke for herself. I always found it easy to translate "Misty-speak".

But I did write a humorous little story of our adventures once, in which I gave her a voice (in English....or rather English spoken by a Hungarian.) Though actually she was more of an "assumed Hungarian" than an actual one.

In the story, Misty was much more sensible than "The Woman" (i.e. -me)

I could go on for ages about that but will shut up now.

Well did ask.... 79
The story sounds interesting. I think having animals speak in stories makes sense. It allows the writer to communicate the whole story.
I agree it is better to try and understand what the pet is really saying. I am sure you could understand Misty. You were bonded to each other.  Interesting that you picture her as Hungarian, but speaking English. Is there a story behind that choice. 
Of course Misty was more sensible than the woman. She was a very sensible dog.

I can understand my guinea pigs much of the time. Usually they are asking about food or water. 
I could usually understand the cats that I had. I would have felt stupid making up  voices for them.
My lizards are simple in their communications and so are my snakes. I just have to work at understanding them. I don't need words for that.

I just can't picture making up voices.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I think the connection isn't really about making up "voices" for them. It's a heart-to-heart language isn't it? It's beyond words. my imagination, Misty's "voice speaking English" was very clear, concise, down to earth, intelligent, humorous sometimes, and at a pitch just slightly higher and lighter  than my voice. And overlaid with a kindly common sense. That of course is a projection of mine and I didn't usually think of her like that. We had a silent understanding.

No she was not a Hungarian. But when I first knew her I was told she was a Hungarian Viszla. So we took it from there.
Later I discovered that of course she wasn't....she was a mutt.

But in the story the Woman believes she is a Hungarian Aristocrat, and tells her about her noble lineage, among the other adventures and funny things that happen.

It is likely Misty did have some Viszla in the mix. But of course she was a mystery, and the rest of it is just my imagination . Smiley4
Quote:I think the connection isn't really about making up "voices" for them. It's a heart-to-heart language isn't it? It's beyond words.
It is definitely beyond words. We communicate heart to heart. In the piggies case, heart to stomach. Smiley4 

I did not make the connection that you first thought Misty was a Viszla. Of course you would think of her "voice" in a certain way.
Even when you realized she was a mixed breed, you would still keep your first impression. When you wrote Misty into a story, you would keep a certain voice. It is an interesting idea writing a story with a pet in it.

Imagining our pets speaking in a certain way is one thing. We do have a sense of who they are and how they would sound.  It seems that some people actually speak out loud carrying on the pets side of a conversation out loud. I can't picture ever doing that.
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