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A Farm Cats Survival Story Australian Fires.
Among the many livestock health and welfare checks our field teams have been undertaking on fire affected properties in recent days, there’s been an unusual case that has provided a glimmer of hope for one farming family in East Gippsland.
‘Smokey’ the farm cat was found under a table next to a burnt out shed. The farm had borne the brunt of the fire, losing the house and cars, but miraculously the much-loved Smokey had survived. Hungry and thirsty, he was coaxed out from under a table by the Animal Health Officers who shared some meat from their sandwiches with him and gave him some water.
Missing his whiskers and with burns to his torso, feet and damage to his ears, Smokey was taken to a Bairnsdale vet (who stayed open late to examine him) and was made comfortable overnight. He’s since had a full vet check, been clipped and treated.
After making an unsuccessful attempt to find Smokey at their burnt out farm, his owners were delighted to find he’d been rescued – some good news for them in the face of an otherwise heartbreaking situation. They said, ‘his real name was Alex, but had earnt his new nickname’.
Smokey’s diagnosis by the Bairnsdale vet: ‘A beautiful smoochy cat who will make a full recovery’.
Our field teams, including vets, are continuing to support farmers to respond to immediate animal welfare issues. Farmers can call the Vic Emergency hotline on 1800 226 226 or go to…/gippsland-upper-murray-fires
I am glad to hear a survival story. I would love to know how Smokey survived. He clearly had a rough time of it, but nothing he can't recover from. For his family this must be the first bit of hope since their farm was caught in the fire. If their cat can survive this then they can survive with him.

I am glad there are teams out there looking for animals. The ones that made it through the fire will need food and water as soon as possible.
There are some amazing dedicated people out there. What they are doing is difficult and probably still dangerous, but for many animals they bring life saving help.
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