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Fukushima wildlife 9 years later
Who can forget the earthquake and nuclear plant disaster on March 11, 2011. It is the second worse nuclear disaster in the world. 
Debris washed up on the west coast of Canada for years. People fled and animals were left behind. Some areas are still too radioactive for humans to safely inhabit. Animals however are living there.  Many species have multiplied. They appear to be  living natural healthy lives.
Researchers set up cameras so they could observe the species that are found in the exclusion zone. The results are interesting.

It is like Chernobyl all over again. After the disaster humans had to be evacuated. Radiation in some areas is still too high for humans to return. Wildlife has thrived.

This is a link to the whole video Radioactive Wolves.

In Fukushima they have not determined what sort of radiation levels the animals have or how the radiation has effected them.
What is clear so far is that the animals have taken over the land. Plants of various kinds are thriving. In general, nature is taking back what humans claimed as their own. Perhaps in time all traces of human habitation will be gone from the area. 

We have only had two nuclear accidents of this level of seriousness. In both cases nature and in particular, animals, have survived and thrived.  We might want to think about that. Whatever we do to this planet, nature is going to take it back in the end.
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