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Stella the "talking dog" wants to go outside
Stella is a 2 year old dog belonging to a speech language pathologist. She created a special sound board for Stella. When she steps on a button she hears a prerecorded word. Stella's vocabulary has gradually increased. She can express her wishes with individual  words and she has learned to combine words to express ideas. She can say outside if she wants to go outside and she can add the word park if she wants to go to the park when she is outside. With practice her vocabulary is getting bigger and her communication is  more clear.

This is a great idea. The dog can actually say what she wants clearly.
Unfortunately, with social distancing walks in the park and on the beach are not possible and Stella is expressing her frustration.

I am sure other dogs feel the same way, but Stella can actually say what she means. I don't know if all dogs could learn to us a sound board, but it would be good if they could try. We know dogs understand words. What if they could say them too.
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