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Oil Spill in the Indian Ocean
A Japanese ship ran aground of of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It contains 4000 tons of fuel oil and 400 tons of diesel. The hull has cracked and now it is spilling oil into the waters around Mauritius. This is an environmental crisis that the country is unprepared to deal with. The area is home to many endangered species. 
Their whole existence, people and animals are dependent on the ocean. Efforts are being made to contain the oil, but even a small amount  will do incredible damage.

The island, its people and all its species of animals are dependent on the ocean. An oil spill that pollutes the ocean with toxic chemicals threatens to destroy everything. Communities and species that are dependent on the ocean do not recover from an oil spill. The effects will cause harm for many years  to come.

Thirty years ago the Exon Valdez ran aground in the Prince William Sound. There is still oil under the sand and rocks and some species have not recovered.
This look good on the surface, but the toxic chemicals are still there able to cause harm.

That spill was thirty years ago and a massive clean-up was done. The oil is still there so it is not really clean.
I don't know if their clean-up methods have improved, but the oil hasn't become less toxic. Will we be reading articles 30 years from now about how much damage is still present in the Mauritius area because of this spill?

There must be something better than shipping oil around the world by ship and there must be something safer than oil.

Some pictures of Mauritius as it is now.

The damage is going to be horrific.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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