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Is one guinea pig a herd?
I have had a herd of guinea pigs for about 15 years. I started with Pigbert and I have  had a herd ever since Frodo joined him.
Who can forget guinea pig Christmas where I took in 3 females at once. It has been a chaos of piggies ever since.
There were losses, but new piggies always came along to join the herd.

My five boys, Lambert, Norbert, Rosebert, Murray and Robbie
[Image: IMG_9971.JPG]
My herds were always so much fun.

Who can forget Martha and the Muffin who joined Rosebert, Norbert and Robbie.
[Image: IMG_1705.JPG]
There is a story behind every piggie and why they came to me.

Biscuit, Cinnamon and Caramel
[Image: IMG_1819.JPG]
They were all fluffy together. It was so cute.

These are not all the piggies I have had in my continuous herd. The most I ever had was 11 at one time.  That was a lot of work. 

Then it was  Larry and Joey who joined us.
[Image: TLip0GesqI3sQXf_QNehZdAV2GrYLBJrbM1fqu2i...=w479-h275]
They were no longer wanted because their owner was expecting a baby.
We have been together for years. Sadly they both passed in the last few weeks.
They were happy piggies and they had a good life with me.

Now all I have is baby Boris, who is actually a big boar now. 

[Image: At96WEOCjYri2Bm_Z_alfCY5FXDn1C7fz8qvqRVe...=w489-h275]

I really should take some newer pictures of him. He came to me as a baby 3 years ago. He was dumped in a box outside the reptile centre in the middle of winter. We all know what the guy hoped would happen. The guy wanted him to be snake food. That would never happen. He was so little and so scared.
Now he is a big happy boy, but he wonders why there are no other piggies to talk to.

After all these years of having one continuous herd, having just one is really strange. Boris and I talk a lot. We miss having other piggies.

Are there new piggies in my future? I do not know.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

(10-05-2020, 03:23 PM)Catherine Wrote: Are there new piggies in my future? I do not know.

My crystal ball says "yes" to that question, haha!

BTW, whatever happened to the lady in England with a handicapped child and lots of guinea pigs? And what happened to that lovely lady in Wales who helped at a guinea pig centre?
I think you are right. There will be more guinea pigs. I cleaned up the big enclosure today so it is ready if any piggies should need a home in a hurry.
There is always someone out there who gets a guinea pig because it is cute and then they discover how much work they are.

How did I manage when I had eleven?

The woman in Wales was moving and we never heard from her after that. I haven't been able to track her down.
The other member was called hungrypigs. I am still connected on Facebook, but I don't hear from her too often. After her husband died there were a lot of changes in her life. I believe she is engaged and she has guinea pigs again. I am glad you reminded me of them both. I should see if I can connect again.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I can see them.. But i wanna ask, how can you put five boys in one cage?
My boys always fighting each other, so i separate them, 1 cage for 1 boys. I have 3 boys piggies.
I raised the five boys together at a time when I had a herd leader.  They all followed him and never challenged each other. It shouldn't have worked, but it did. 
They were always boys. They never really became boars. Boris is a big happy chubby piggie, but he would never accept another male. 
He seems content to live alone. We talk a lot and he can see me when I cook and do stuff in the kitchen. He is more bonded with me because he spent so little time with other guinea pigs.

Of course I made sure there was always plenty of food all the time.  There was also lots of room. I have an enclosure not a cage. If a piggie wants to take a walk he can. I have had a couple who wandered around a bit. The boys liked being together.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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