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My new guinea a bunny?
My friend's father has a petting farm and when he died of cancer on Wednesday, all his farm volunteers took the animals(as they had sorted out and planned for)

I figured my friend would come back from the farm with a basket of guinea pigs. I was ready for that. 

When everyone was sorted out and all the animals packed up ready to go,  there was one lone baby bunny in the bedding and no mom in sight. They were not sure what to do. Of course my friend knew who would take him. 
He is very tiny, but he is eating so with special care he will be okay.
(The pictures were not visible when I first posted them. I think I have fixed the problem.)

So I have a baby bunny!

[Image: 122046006_2936828649751579_7389724415802...e=5FB22D65]

He is so tiny. There is not a white hair on him anywhere.

[Image: 122116802_2936827406418370_1204969547816...e=5FB2C928]

Of course I went out and got him a tiny toy so he can start playing.

[Image: 122063638_2936826479751796_2320761004069...e=5FB37E41]

[Image: HtANbTo84_5RFi7cv1cCurzPsljIQIqBTgD4dP-l...authuser=0]

And pellets.

Who could say no to a little guy like this.

[Image: 122048670_2936825356418575_9240417705071...e=5FB4E43A]

So is one bunny and one guinea pig a herd?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Delightful! Can you please repost the photos (or reupload), as they are showing as a Google "no entry" sign? Have you chosen a name? How about Lucky?
I don't know why you can't see the pictures. I will figure it out.  

The picture didn't post.

This is supposed to be a link to a picture. 

There must be some way I can post pictures. I used to be able to post pictures.

He is a little black bunny and it is nearly Halloween so Luna Bunny's mum has suggested Boo Bunny. He is so black he is like a shadow. I think think little Boo Bunny is going to stick as a name.

The link works for me so here are more links.
Didn't post this time either.

Can you believe how tiny he is.

Not this one either

I had to get him a new toy of course.

Still no luck.

I hope he is not too small to make it. Babies are scary at first. He was nibbling a carrot piece so he is eating.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Glad to hear that he is doing all right. However, here is what I get for each of the links - see attachment. I think that this is your private Google content, so others cannot see it.

Keep us posted about Lucky (that's my name for him, because he is lucky to have been adopted by you).

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
I am going to try again with the pictures.

[Image: 122048670_2936825356418575_9240417705071...e=5FB0EFBA]

Boo Bunny comes home.

He is barely as big as his tiny food dish.

[Image: 122063638_2936826479751796_2320761004069...e=5FB37E41]

Of course I got him a tiny toy right away.

[Image: 122116802_2936827406418370_1204969547816...e=5FB2C928]

He is so very tiny and very cute.
[Image: 122046006_2936828649751579_7389724415802...e=5FB22D65]

He fell asleep in my hand.
[Image: 122122700_2936830576418053_8759661883262...e=5FB10756]

He just stayed asleep for about 20 minutes.
[Image: 122076250_2936832119751232_1997820569965...e=5FB1CCDE]

This time I really hope you can see my pictures.

I will work on my Google settings and see if I can fix them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Yes, I can see the photos now! He is really tiny, but he looks healthy and it is good to see him eating enthusiastically.

I'm sure that he will bring you many years of mutual happiness and pleasure. Boo is Lucky to have such a good home now!
I am glad you can finally see the pictures. He is so small, but he is a good eater.
More important is the steady supply of bunny  poops. So I set up a litter pan.  I have all of Luna Bunny's traveling supplies.
I got out the litter pan and set it up. I gathered up all Boo's little poops and put them in the pan. I put Boo in the pan and he hopped right out.
About 30 minutes later he hopped back in and urinated. He is a smart bunny!

[Image: 122143980_2940190892748688_1326536851432...e=5FB33178]

If you look at the left hand side of the litter pan you can see the paper is wet.
He catches on quick.  Luna Bunny's mum is coaching me on how to raise him to be a little gentleman like Luna Bunny.
Because Luna was so well behaved she could let him free roam. When Luna stayed with me he free roamed as long as I was home.

If my little Boo Bunny will use a litter pan he will be much easier to look after.

I think we are going to have a lot of fun together. Right now he is a bright spot in a very dark situation. I come home to the safety of my home and Boo Bunny makes me laugh. I need that.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Aw.. I can't see these photos.
I don't know why there is a problem with the pictures. 
I am having trouble posting any pictures. I have a new cell phone and a new computer and they are not quite working this out. 
I will try again. The pictures are so cute.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Sadly, even the photos which previously were visible seem to have had their links changed to your private Google account - so are no longer visible. Are you saving to Google photos? If you want your photos to be visible publicly, best to save elsewhere and upload from there.

I would very much like to see the photos again, too! How is your piggy doing now?

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