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It happened again...
I assume Olive grooming your hair is a sign that she is bonding with you. That is good to hear.

I watched the video about stopping a bird from biting. I can see how the shaking would work. Conures are smart so it wouldn't take much to train her.
It will be so much nicer if she doesn't bite.

Getting the birds bonded with each other sounds like a challenge.  KK would consider herself the dominant bird. She was at your place first. Would Olive have considered herself the dominant bird  in her previous home? Would she be trying to be the dominant bird at your place? Is this something they will work out in time?

I have never had to deal with pets who have dominance issues. The guinea pigs just knew who the herd leader was and nobody questioned it.

I am interested to see how this will all work out. It will be great when they are friends. Keep me posted on their progress.
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