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Pamela Anderson donates a Barn to an animal sanctuary.
Rescue And Sanctuary for Threatened Animals(RASTA) is a sanctuary for farm animals on Vancoucer Island. They are desperately in need of a new barn. They have tried to fundraise to build a new barn, but cost increases have out paced their fundraising efforts. Now Covid shutdowns have stopped visits to the sanctuary and they have even less funds. They have to rely on sales of their calendars.

Pamela Anderson is actually from the area and visited RASTA. After visiting all the animals and looking the place over she consulted her partner, a builder, and they will be building a new barn.

This is a dream come true for a small rescue is a very isolated spot. Even if local people are very generous, it is a small community and barns are expensive.
Now, only will they get a new barn, it will be much more than they would have dared to hope for. It will be a much better space for the animals and much more comvenient for the people looking after the animals.

It is nice to know that miracles can happen.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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