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Have aTurkey Free Thanksgiving.
The USA will be celebrating Thanksgiving soon. It is customary to serve turkey, the same as it is for the Canadian Thanksgiving that just past.
There is a movement out there to encourage people to "Leave turkey off the plate". 
Farm Sanctuary has created a Turkey-Free pledge for a Compassionite Thanksgiving. This pledge is being supported by  a number of stars like Alex Baldwin, Alicia Silverstone and Joaquin Phoenix. They are encouraging people to change their traditions to something kinder and cruelty free.

This is a good idea. Any tradition can be changed for the better. If we change our Thanksgiving traditions then when Christmas comes around maybe we can make that turkey free as well. Gradually we can move away from consuming massive amounts of turkeys. This would gradually bring an end to the massive turkey farms where birds are raised under factory farming conditions. It all starts with a few people going turkey free.

Since most of my Christmas and other celebrations are going to be alone this year because of the pandemic, I get to choose what I eat. I can do turkey free.
The time to plan is now. I can find alternatives to what I would have eaten. It may be a quiet Christmas, but it can also be a cruelty free Christmas.
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