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Guinea pigs found sealed in a box in a rubbish bin
Angry Angry Angry
There is no need for anyone to do this!
Someone put two guinea pigs in a box and put that box in someone's rubbish bin.
They were hungry and dirty and covered in mites.

They are being well looked after now and soon will have a new home.

This reminds me of some of the guinea pigs I have rescued. Biscuit was so hungry he ate and slept by the dish and woke up and licked the empty dish. 
He didn't know I would give him more food. He had never had more in his life.  Boris was barely 4 weeks old when he was placed in a box on the steps of the reptile store in the middle of winter. If he hadn't been found right away, he would have frozen to death.

Why do people do things like that to guinea pigs. They are so defenseless. They are so dependent on us. If they couldn't afford to feed the guinea pigs there are shelters that will take them in. There is never a good reason to toss a pet in the garbage. That could have ended horribly for the two piggies. They must have been so scared. They will probably never catch the people who did this, but they know who they are.  They will always know they did this and they get to see their guinea pigs in the news and hear what people think of their behavior.
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