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Airline policy changes about emotional support animals
Right now registered service animals are allowed to fly in the cabin with the person they look after. This is true in many countries and many airlines. 
The real controversy is over the wide range of animals being presented as emotional support animals. Airlines have allowed many different animals on their flights.
The American airlines have been working to restrict these animals and have them fly in the baggage  compartments.

This does not stop actual service dogs from riding with their people.  It is a controversial issue. Registered service animals, usually dogs are trained and are prepared to deal with the realities of a plane ride.  Many emotional support animals are  untrained and unregistered and there is no guarantee that they will travel safely and behave well. On the other hand they do work to help the person they are with. Being away from the support animal will make travel hard for some people.
There are mixed opinions about this.

Should emotional support animals be allowed to travel with their people. The airlines do not think so and the US airline companies have taken action to stop the practice. I think this debate is a long way from over. One thing that would help clarify things would be a registry and training for emotional support animals.
Right now people will declare any pet an emotional support animal. There are times when the animal really is a support and there are times when people are abusing the privilege. Until things are clarified  the rights of all service animals are at risk. It is important that  people still be allowed to have their service dogs with them.
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