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Iqaluit Humane Society receives large donation for its new shelter
!qaluit Humane Society in Nunavut has to build a new shelter. Its makeshift old buildings can no longer serve the shelter or anyone else and will have to be torn down.   The goal is to raise a million dollars. A generous donor has taken them to the halfway point. They still hope to reach the full million so they can build a shelter that can really serve the area.

This is Canada's northernmost shelter and they rehome about 700 pets a year. Many of the animals are sent to other parts of the country where they can find good homes.  Given the remoteness of the area, this shelter is an essential service for the whole community. I wish them every success with their fundraising
And I hope we soon hear news that they  have started construction on a new shelter.

It is amazing how much they have done  given their location and lack of resources.
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