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Petition against Katie Price owning animals
This is a complicated story and I am not really sure what I think until I read more. has a petition calling for a ban on Katie Price buying more animals.

Katie Price has posted a video supposedly defending herself.

Now PETA is on the case.

It does sound like she has a history of animal tragedies.

I watched the video of Katie Price and her daughter. Katie talks about how upset they were about the loss. The daughter talks about how upset she was. 
I don't hear any emotions or real expressions of grief. I know we all grieve differently, but I don't hear any grief. They could be talking about a pair of socks that they lost. Even years later people feel deeply about the loss of a pet. Most people feel that it was somehow their fault or at least  express that  it wouldn't have happened if they had been there. The whole tone of the video was an expression of it's not my fault. The girl didn't seem to care at all.

The puppy died in an electric recliner. It sounds pretty devastating.  I just don't hear that in their voices.
I am inclined to support the petitions. There have been too many losses  that should have been preventable.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I almost wrote,"Who is Katie Price? Is she important?" I had heard the name somewhere, but it meant almost nothing to me.

I found all I needed in Wikipedia. She is yet another of these people who get rich quickly and then go off the rails.

Repeated accidents can happen, but when there are lots of them, legitimate doubts turn into near certainty that there is something seriously wrong.

Wealth, sadly, does not bring automatic happiness. She might have had a happier life if she had remained a nobody.

Right now, it seems that her life is totally disorganised. As a result, animals have suffered and died. I have some sympathy with the petition, but I know too little to sign it.
She is only important in  certain circles. I have never heard of her. What I can tell is that her animals are more props for her photo shoots. They don't get a lot of good care. Some so called celebrities get pets as a publicity stunt.  I hope breeders are aware of this and make sure the puppy is going to get good care before they let it go.  What happened to this puppy was very sad and preventable.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I read the long list of animal mishaps and tragedies which  have happened at Katie Price's home. There has to be something going wrong there. Once -is understandable, but not that many. My feeling is it's probably not cruelty as such but neglect and possibly being "too busy" to keep an eye on animals -especially very young pups, which need constant attention, control and guidance.

My feeling is something should intervene before there are any more tragedies. There have been too many already.
Until someone in the house is responsible for the pets then there should be no new pets. There are just too many mishaps for it to just accidents.
More than one animal was hit by a car and more than one animal drowned in the pool. One accident is one too many.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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