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250 guinea pigs surrendered to Oregon Humane Society
Two hundred and fifty guinea pigs were just surrendered to the Oregon Humane Society. The numbers just got away from the owner.

I hate to say this, but wouldn't you know you have a problem when you have fifty guinea pigs or even one hundred. How could you keep up with feeding them?
I don't just mean the expense. It would take every waking moment to care for them and feed them.  I take in rescue guinea pigs sometimes and I ended up with eleven one summer. It was insane. It  took up all my time just to keep them fed and cared for.  How could anyone cope with 250 guinea pigs. They must have started with a few piggies and just let them keep multiplying. After a few litters you would think they would have it figured out and would start separating the females from the males.   I hope the Oregon Humane Society is able to rehome them soon. No guinea pig should spend Christmas at an animal shelter.

I know if I lived nearby I would be tempted to take a few piggies.
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