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Beluga Whale acquisition blocked by Animal Rights group
Friends of Animals has filed a lawsuit that has blocked the shipping of five Beluga whales from Marineland in Ontario to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut.
They make a case that the shipping would endanger the whales and the move would take them from whales they have formed bonds with.
Mystic Aquarium is willing to wait and see what the courts will say before they do anything more.

I agree that it is dangerous to ship the whales. It would at least have to be done in good weather.
It really is not right to take whales from their social group. Mystic Aquarium has a better set up. I wish all the Beluga whales could leave Marineland an go to a better set up.

Ideally they belong in a sea sanctuary.

They are starting to set up sea sanctuaries so captive whales could live out their lives as natural as possible. 
It is time we did this for all captive whales. More sanctuaries are being built so we can hope.
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