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Dogs in Shops
A number of small business owners who don't want to leave their dogs at home, bring them to work. The dogs  greet the customers as they come in and become like part of the staff. Customers love the dogs and ask for them.
The dogs have  beds and food and everything they need at the shop and they can even get a walk during the lunch break.
The dogs have company all day and are not left at home all alone.

It really is a perfect solution and I love it when I find a dog in a place I want to shop. It is even better when it is a place like a hairdresser. Having a dog there makes time pass so quickly.  Now if only my dentist would get a dog. If he had a golden retriever or even a happy fluffy little dog, I would not mind  a dental visit.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Well, I think it's a wonderful idea ! But I would, wouldn't I?

The coal yard here, where I order my stove fuel, has a dog who belongs to the manager's wife, and he stays there in the office room. He has a bed, and a little heater. He trots around, greeting people and inviting them to throw a ball for him! They take him for little walks during the day.
How nice to take your dog to work.

(I actually haven't seen him this year as I ordered my fuel on the phone.)

At the moment though, many people have to work from home. I think most dogs will really like that arrangement. They will get more walks, and company all day.....and maybe even a few more treats? It makes sense.
Having our pets with us at work makes life better. Working from home and being with our pets all day is even better. 
Maybe we will learn something from the pandemic and we will keep our pets closer.  There is no doubt that a dog in the room makes life go better.
I miss visiting shops right now because I don't get to see store pets. One downside of my job is that I will never be able to take a pet to work.
I would love to see a dog or cat in every shop, or perhaps a bunny or some fish. Anything would do to make the place more fun.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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