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My little markiza is gone , poor kitty
HI everyone , yesturday my 2 year old female cat died  from a sickness , she had trouble breathing , at night but she was ok , in the morning when i woke up she was laying next to me , when i picked her up , she instantly curled herself backwards , wich was strange , and she started breathing hard trying to survive when she saw me , it hurts me so much i dont know how i will get over it
this is a video i made in memory of her , she was beutifull and sweet , and she was a good mother , i still have her son , but i wont her back :'(
I am so sorry about your loss. It is hard to lose a pet any time, but your cat was so young. She was very pretty. I know you would not have been expecting to lose her and that makes it harder. It is not going to be easy, but you have her son and he has you. You can both be there for each other in your loss. You only had a short time with her, but in that time you created many memories.  You will always be able to cherish those memories and know that she had a beautiful life with you.

My sympathies to you in your loss. I do do know how you feel and I know how hard it is.  The pain will ease and the memories of your cat will become a comfort.
For now it is a time to feel sadness for what you have lost.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Thank you alot for the nice reply ! it really helped me . today i got the phone call from the vet  they did an autopsy on her , and they suspect it was a heart problem ,  a week before she got really sick she was licking random things in the house and outside , i didnt know what that meant  and i read on one site it was nothing to be worried about , but my vet told me thats not true , so i feel guilty i didnt bring her to the vet in time.  if not for this information from that site i would have brought her , i should have called my vet anyway  :'( it just happend so fast
It sounds like she must have had a serious heart condition. Even if you took her to the vet there might have been nothing the vet could do. Licking things is not a common symptom of heart trouble. It is certainly  not one I have ever heard of. I wouldn't have gone to the vet either. It is sad that you have lost her and I know you wish you could have her back. You shouldn't be too hard ln yourself. You gave your cat the best of care. Sometimes it is just not possible to prevent something from happening.
Be at peace with yourself. It is normal to feel some guilt when we lose a pet, but it is not actually our fault. You cared for your pet and you gave her the best care you could. Sometimes that is not enough. She died because there was something seriously wrong with her heart. You at least gave her two happy years of life with you. Her life was short, but it was good. She was like a spring flower that bloomed briefly and was gone. You will always remember how beautiful she was and you will cherish every memory you have of her because there are so few.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am so sorry for how you must feel now your beautiful Markiza has gone from this world. Blessings to her Soul.
Thank you for posting a link for her video.

I do understand how this hurts. I still miss my Misty (dog) who passed over 8 years ago, but she showed me they are alright where they have gone.

The love hasn't died. They remember us and continue to love us. Heart Heart
This is so true. If we still love and remember after many years, it is even more true of our pets who lived to love us.
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