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Ben and Jerry's make Doggie Desserts
After years of making ice-cream for humans, Ben and Jerry's  is now getting into the pet food market. No they are not making dog food, they are making Doggie Desserts. They are making two flavors of "ice-cream" that a dog can eat. It is ice-cream, but it is made with ingredients and flavors a dog can safely enjoy.
When people are having an ice-cream treat at home they can safely give a treat to their dog.
 If the treat is scooped from a different container, I am sure the dog won't mind.
 You can even sit the dog at the table with a people dish if you want.

There is a lot of money to be made in the pet food business these days. It makes sense that big food companies want to get involved.
If their specialty is ice-cream and they know that dogs love ice-cream, it makes sense for them to make a doggie dessert treat.
This is actually a good thing for dogs. People end up giving human ice-cream to their dog and it is not good for them.
I have seen dog cookies(they look like real cookies) and dog cakes(they are even decorated like human treats). Why not dog ice-cream.
We can't resist giving our pets treats. It is better if they are healthy treats.  I wonder what the pumpkin flavor tastes like?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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