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Owner removes dog's eyes, dumps him at the pound and now he is adopted
This is the kind of story that makes you angry and it makes you cry. Louis lived with neglectful people. He had a broken leg from a while ago that was never treated.  When his eyes became infected, instead of treating them and trying to save his sight,  they had Louis's eyes removed.
Then they didn't really want a blind dog so they dumped him at a shelter.
The shelter is caring for Louis and has had his leg fixed. He is in foster care where he is learning to cope with his blindness.
The shelter made the story public and now donations have come in to help with Louis's care and the care of other animals.  People are very much moved by Louis's situation. They want to help and soon the right family will give Louis a permanent loving  home

It is a sad story with a happy ending. If only they had surrendered him while he still had his eyes. Some sight might have been saved.
It will be quite an adjustment, but with caring people Louis will learn how to get around and enjoy his new life.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This story has a happy ending. Louis has found the perfect adoptive family, but not before his story raised money for the shelter that helped him.
They took him from  the pound and gave him  a chance at life. A visually impaired veteran and his family are welcoming Louis into their home. It is a perfect match as the house is set up to accommodate someone who is visually impaired. The family already understands the problems Louis will face as he adapts to life without sight. Louis come to the adoption with a whole lot of gifts.

Not bad for a blind dog who was dumped at the pound. He is now much loved in a special home that is just right for him. He even as two new canine friends.
I think Louis has a happy future ahead of him.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Everyone loves a happy ending!
This one is very sweet.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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