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13 Right Whales calves born already!!!! in 2021
This is a cause for rejoicing. There have been 13 Right Whale calves born already in this breeding season. The season isn't over so there could be more.  
In 2018 there were no calves born. In other years there were less than ten.  The Right Whales have had serious losses of adults too.  Thirty two adults have died since 2017, that we know of. It could be more. The 13 births is a turn around and a sign that there is hope for the species survival.

Any time an endangered species shows signs of recovery we should celebrate. They are not out of danger yet and a lot could go wrong.  This is still a sign that our efforts to protect the whales are paying off. We should feel encouraged and inspired to do more to save them.  Even a few good season with a good number of calves could be enough to bring the Right Whales back from the edge.
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