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City crew rescues cage of abandoned rats.
Someone in Winnipeg dumped a cage full of  eleven rats into a ditch. They covered it with old carpet so it wouldn't be seen. Then they left the rats to die. One of the females was pregnant. Being rats they were huddled together trying to keep each other warm.

A Winnipeg city crew found them and contacted small animal rescue, Popcorns and Binkies Rescue Haven. They mobilized immediately and got the rats to a vet. They were all in terrible shape. They have now been looked after and are in foster homes. The mama rat has safely given birth and her babies survived.
If they hadn't been found in time or if the city crew hadn't acted to save them, none of them would have survived.

Good for the city crew. They are heroes. I hope they get recognition for what they have done.
I am delighted to hear that there is a rescue like Popcorns and Binkies Rescue Haven. So many people would turn away from a cage of rats. Everyone involved gave the rats the love and care they deserve. Rats really are fine animals and they are very loving pets.  I hope all these rats find the good forever homes they deserve.

I can't even think of what to say about the people that abandoned them. Quite simply, they are not nice people. They know they did this. I hope they see the article and know that many people  don't think well of them.
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