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88 guinea pigs becomes a full time job.
A woman started out with 4 female guinea pigs. Of course one was a male. The herd quickly became 16. Now it is a herd of 88. She has quit her job and spends her time caring for the piggies. They have become quite an online presence and bring in a nice income.

The most I have ever had was 11 guinea pigs. Feeding them seemed to be a full time job. With 88 guinea pigs it literally would be a full time job.
The herd dynamics would be complex and interesting. The noise levels at feeding time would be  overwhelming and funny at the same time.
They are all such cute guinea pigs. I wonder how she keeps track of the names. I am sure I couldn't remember that many.
It is a funny and interesting situation, but it is also a good chance to teach people about how to care for guinea pigs. They are great pets, but all too often people do not understand what it takes to care for one guinea pig  or 88.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Wow.. You have 11 Guinea Pig.

Can you show it to me your piggies, I'm new here.
I want you to introduce your piggies.

I have 8 Piggies, and they always hungry, the more they grows, and their appetite are awesome.
I had eleven guinea pigs years ago.  That is the most I ever had. They are all rescues so I never know when to expect another guinea pig.

These were the boys.

They were so much fun. I miss them.

I did go through a lot of vegetables in a day. I was always shopping for veggies.

This is the longest I have gone without a new guinea pig happening. I actually have one empty enclosure ready and waiting.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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