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Rat sneaks in through cat flap
A rat was seen sneaking into a house through the cat flap. Fortunately the person who spotted him also realized he is not a wild rat. So she called the RSPCA and not an exterminator. He is such a sweet rat that they named him Prince Charming. He must have gotten lost somehow and was looking for humans to feed him.
He is a lucky rat and he will soon be adopted as a pet. and live safe and secure for the rest of his life.

Rats are smart. This rat would have no idea how to survive on the streets. He turned to the only security he had known, people.
Figuring out a cat flap was pretty clever. That is something he would not have encountered before. I am glad he is rescued and soon to be rehomed. Rats are really very nice animals and he will make a great pet.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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