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Zebras on the loose
There is someone in Maryland who has  a farm with things like zebras. On Aug 31, five of the zebras escaped. A zebra in Maryland should be easy to catch, right. 
Apparently not, they are still out there. There have been sightings, but no one has come close to catching them.

You have to cheer for the zebras. They are out there doing their own thing. It is possible they will never be caught. They can find food and shelter. They are big enough to look after themselves. Who knows how far they could travel. If they start getting zebra sightings from further away they will know they have traveled.
If they find a large farm they could hide out in a remote pasture and never be seen. If they travel along a river they could go for miles. It is nice to think of them out there living their best life doing their own thing.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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