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RSPCA had to dig horses out to rescue them
The RSPCA has just rescued horses from the worst situation they have ever seen.  They were without  proper food or water. Many were standing in mud and feces so deep they couldn't move. Some had to actually be dug out of the mess. Many had over grown hooves. They were unable to lie down. Some could not stand up properly because the shed ceilings were so low.  
The couple had been warned about the horses. This time they are all being rehomed where they will be cared for.
The couple has been charged and fined for their treatment of the horses. They are also banned from keeping animals for ten years.

It is hard to believe anyone would keep horses in such terrible conditions. They were not looking after them. They were not interacting with them. 
Why wouldn't they rehome some of them. What were they thinking when they got so many horses in the first place. They must have known they had no way to look after them.  They certainly deserved the fines they got. 

Well done RSPCA for the work they did to rescue the horses. It was not an easy task.
I just hope the horses are able to have good lives now and forget what they have suffered.
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