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Community involvement used to protect endangered gorillas
The Mountain Gorillas live within park boundaries and they are protected. Their numbers have stabilized. The lesser known Grauer's Gorillas live at a lower elevation and are not protected by the parks. It would not be possible to extend the park far enough to protect them. The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund has worked with local communities so that they can gain jurisdiction over the land in some areas. Now 20 families are watching over 919 square miles. This gives the gorillas a safe area to live. The families want to keep the land intact so they can live on it too. The Fossey Fund is providing education and training for the people in the area so they can be hired to monitor the forests.

This is a good use of resources, the land and the people. The land will be able to sustain the people and the gorillas for years to come. 
Using the local people in this project provides employment for them and engages them in caring for the gorillas. It is a sustainable situation and everybody wins.
Hopefully the Grauer's gorillas can increase in numbers and stabilize as a population.
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