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Dormouse bridge across the tracks
The Hazel Dormouse has been in serious decline. Habitat loss is the main problem, but population fragmentation is another key factor. Populations of animals need to be able to interact. One barrier is the railway. So a Hazel Dormouse bridge has been created so the Dormouse populations on either sides of the tracks can interact. The bridge is 12 meters long and 30 cm wide. It may be small, but to the Hazel Dormouse population it is a big thing.
This is the beginning. Other bridges are needed in the future. If populations can be connected, the chances of species survival are improved.

Building these bridges is a big thing. A lot of serious planning has gone into their construction.

We fragmented animal populations, so we have a responsibility to reconnect them. Some of the bigger bridges in the world are spectacular, with moose and bears regularly crossing. The little bridges for the smaller animals are just as important. It is good that they are being taken so seriously.

It would be so cute to watch a Hazel Dormouse crossing the bridge. If this one is a success, we can hope that it is the first of many bridges.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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