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Drought is killing Kenyan wildlife
The rains in Kenya have failed for a number of years now and the situation is critical. In the last 3 months 2% of the world's Grevy's Zebras have died. Twenty-five times more elephants have died. Rangers are finding animals dead or too weak to stand. The desperate search for food is bringing animals into conflict with humans. There are more animals being killed by humans.
They are starting to feed the zebras, but if the rains fail again this year it will have an impact on the overall survival of the Grevy's Zebra.

I look at the news and country after country is in desperate shape because of drought. Then I see other news where countries are in desperate shape because of flooding. We have messed with the overall stability of the weather on a global scale. Climate change is no longer a theory, it is happening now.
We can do emergency work like feeding starving zebras, but that is not enough. We need to change our climate destroying ways of doing things.
We have sunlight and solar panels, so why are we still using fossil fuels? We have the technology to make changes. Now we need the will to actually do it.
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