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Angus, the infection fighting dog
Angus is a working dog trained to detect the smell of the bacteria C. Difficile. This is a bacteria that lives in hospitals and causes dangerous cases of diarrhea. In elderly and very fragile patients it can be fatal.  It is an ongoing problem in modern hospitals. Testing every surface for bacterial contamination is just to difficult. Having a dog that can recognize the bacteria's presence by smell is fast and efficient.

There is no way to prove how many lives have been saved by Angus, but over time the drop in cases of infection tell us how important Angus is. Clostridium Difficile is a problem for hospitals and nursing homes. If we could have trained dogs visit hospitals regularly we could get the infection problem under control.

We already know that dogs can detect cancer and seizures. I think we would be wise to employ more dogs to help us with medical problems. Dogs don't require invasive and expensive tests to detect things. They can just smell them.  This is a whole area of modern medicine that really needs to be looked at.  I am sure dogs can detect a lot more than we realize. 
Maybe dogs can prevent a lot of bad things from happening by alerting us about the problem.
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