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Rehabs that allow pets
This is an idea that I have never heard of before. Rehab facilities and programs usually cut people off from their regular lives and that includes their pets. Since pets are often the most positive support system a person has, keeping the person from the pets seems counter productive. Wouldn't the pet help a person struggling with addiction or other problems?

It seems that some people agree with that thought. There are new rehab programs that are allowing pets and other personal items. The thought is that people needing rehab have already lost so much, why take more away from them.
I like their thinking.

This is a real recognition of the role of a pet in a person's life. If someone is ever going to be well the pet has to be part of that process. This new style of rehab involves much more than pets. Healing a damaged person takes a lot of different things. It takes a lot of work. Recognizing that it will be better and more possible with the help of our best support system, our pets, is brilliant. 
Many people struggling with problems have emotional support pets. It is important that we recognize that all our pets are support animals in some way. We all draw on our pets for support. How much more does a person struggling with addiction need that pet. One of the best things about humans is our relationships with animals. On some level we want to be as good as our pets think we are. For all of us having pets around keeps us balanced. For those who are struggling this is even more important. I hope some day all programs acknowledge people's need for their pets.
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