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Remember to vaccinate for rabies
It is spring and many animals are emerging from their dens. Some of these animals are a source of rabies. There are different rabies sources in different parts of the world. It is good to know your own local danger. We have some raccoon rabies in Ontario. In other places it could be skunks or bats. It doesn't matter what animal is the source. There is a way to protect your pets from rabies. Regular vaccinations for rabies will protect your pet and ultimately protect yourself and your family.

It seems strange that rabies is becoming more common again. I know in some areas there is an effort being made to vaccinate  the wild animals. This will help break the cycle of transmission. However the only way to prevent death from rabies is to be vaccinated for it. Our pets are like members of the family. Protecting them is the least we can do.
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Rabies is one of the most horrific diseases, across all species.

As far as I see it, it is so important to vaccinate for this horrible disease, even though I am not a supporter of all sorts of vaccinations and boosters, this has to be the number one, I think. We are very lucky not to have Rabies in the UK.
England has worked hard to protect itself from rabies. You are successful because you never let your guard down. 
Rabies is a serious problem in many parts of the world.  There is no treatment. The only solution is vaccination. 
In areas with many stray dogs rabies is still killing people. They need to be doing mass vaccinations of strays. Here we are putting out "baits" with the vaccine in them. The raccoons eat the bait and they are vaccinated. 

I think there needs to be a global push against rabies. If we vaccinated enough people and animals we could break transmission. 
Surely eradicating this disease should be high priority. This is a disease that scares people and rightly so. 

You live in a rabies free area. If you were bitten by a wild animal you would not experience the fear that I would have over the possibility of rabies. I was bitten once and waiting for the test results was frightening. I think it was worse than waiting for cancer results. Cancer can sometimes be cured.
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There isn't any rabies in Australia so our animals don't have to be innoculated against it,when Johnny Depp and his ex came to Australia last year there was a big fuss when they snuck their two little dogs in on their private plane without the usual checks then they went back to the USA and bagged us out because they were fined,the dogs were fine but that wasn't the point if they did the usual checks and balances wouldn't have been a problem you never know.
Now I understand the Jonny Depp thing!

You don't have rabies! That is a big thing. Having strict rules and protecting your country from rabies is your absolute right as a country. One rabid animal could change that. Once the disease arrives in your country, it would spread and you would probably never be rabies free again. Any mammal can spread it. It would devastate your wildlife and it would spread from species to species. 

Your country had to come down hard against anyone who would endanger your whole country.  It turns out his dogs were safe, but the next person trying the same thing might not have animals that are safe. You needed the whole world to know that you would not tolerate animals being brought in like that.

Being rabies free is no small thing.
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