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Another American teacher charged with animal cruelty
Hot on the heels of the Florida teacher who got away scot-free with animal cruelty, there is a new case. See:

The difference is that in this case, the teacher has been charged. There is currently a petition asking, "Do we really want teachers killing living animals in front of impressionable junior high students?" But, bizarrely, there is a much smaller petition which is seeking to defend this man. Are the eyes of such people so blind with loyalty that they cannot see the cruelty involved or the desensitisation of the young people who were watching?
That someone with a heart and mind at that level is put in charge of "teaching" children is a crime in itself.
"The puppy was dying anyway".... What sort of excuse is that? How would anyone who was feeling so unwell as to be probably dying, like to be mashed up in a snapping Turtle's jaws? It is obvious that cruelty was involved.
And another concerning thing is, if the puppy was dying, then where did it come from, and what was the teacher doing carrying around a dying puppy without giving it some medical help?

Another issue...
The Turtle was humanely euthanised because it is considered an invasive species and there was no permit for it.
Why couldn't the Turtle have been re-located? I am sure a call to some appropriate animal rescue facility would have provided a solution. Why did that have to be treated so badly too?
What is the matter with these people!

First, take the puppy to the vet! If it was dying it could have been humanely killed. If it needed medical treatment  it might still be alive. That is a good question, where did the puppy come from. Who walks around with a dying puppy.

What was the teacher doing with a snapping turtle, one for which he had no permit.  Because he had the turtle without a permit, he is ultimately responsible for the turtle's death as well. I think the turtle could have been relocated. It would have needed a turtle sanctuary. It couldn't just be released to the wild, but  there are sanctuaries and facilities that house turtles.

I think everyone behaved badly. Government agencies have a tendency to euthanize animals rather than look for places where they can safely live. It is a bad attitude towards the animals they are supposed to protect.

Where are they finding these teachers who kill animals in front of their students?
Then they will wonder why they have a bullying problem and why there is so much violence in the schools.
They are learning it from their teachers.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I'm appalled by this people like that should not be teaching.
I am looking for an article that I found on my phone earlier. No luck. 
A teenage boy  put a firecracker in a dogs mouth and ignited it. The dog is hurt, but I think it will live.

My first thought was why would he do such a thing. And then I remembered the teacher incidents. Is there a connection? I don't know, but it is clear that children are not learning respect for life and kindness to animals from their teachers. Maybe there is a link between teachers who kill animals in front of their students and students who commit acts of cruelty. The school system allowed these teachers to work for years and they influenced a lot of students. I think if we searched we would find other teachers who are no better. So for years children have been taught by people willing to commit acts of cruelty in front of a class of students.

Teaching the next generations to be responsible citizens and good human beings should be the most important job there is. 
The second most important job should be the selection and screening of those teachers. Who hired these people and why did they hold their jobs for so long.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Rather than start a new thread I am going to post the update in the original thread.
The teacher was actually charged with animal cruelty, but he was found not guilty. Angry

This makes me wonder what a person has to do to actually be found guilty of animal cruelty. Angry
I can't see any way that wasn't a cruel death for the puppy.  Smiley19

It also resulted in the death of the turtle since it was illegal.
A whole classroom full of children was traumatized. If there is a future animal abuser in that classroom the teacher will have given that person a start in the direction of animal abuse.

This is just so wrong.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What on earth is going on in America? Why are some people there so insensitive to animal cruelty? In this case, there was a load of evidence and a lot of witnesses - including traumatised children. There have been several recent cases of people in the USA being found not guilty where there was obvious severe cruelty, with plenty of evidence on file. If these not guilty verdicts are being taken by "average Americans", what does that say?

So the USA is going to allow this man to continue teaching as if nothing ever happened.....a puppy chewed to death in an aquarium (a painful death)....children traumatised....illegal possession of a snapping turtle......

That man has a very hard robotic kind of face.
Like he knows all the answers, or he thinks he knows all the right people.
But he is very wrong. Just because a pup is sick and likely to die does not mean it can be deliberately given a horribly painful death. That pup should have been humanely and gently euthanised, with kindness and respect until its last breath.
How anyone can begin to imagine that is okay to do, beats me.
How he got acquitted beats me. He acted cruelly to harm an animal and cause pain, with intent and forethought, and fully aware of his actions.
The guy didn't deny what he did. The facts were not in question.  The issue was whether it is cruelty or not. The jury said what the teacher did isn't cruelty.

It would have been a horrible terrifying death for the puppy. How is that not cruelty?
Now we know why there are so many animal cruelty incidents in the USA. There seems to be no understanding that causing distress and suffering to an animal is an act of cruelty. 

I would want to look at those jurors. I wonder what they do in their private lives if this is how they voted.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Holy cow, something wrong with these people.. Confused

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