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Beavers attack dog!
A woman in Alberta found out the hard way that beavers can be quite aggressive towards a dog entering their territory.
Her dog required forty stitches and he is lucky to be alive.

The dog has some serious wounds and he is lucky the beaver didn't pull him under.
What we have to understand is the fact that it is breeding season and the  beavers have kits. If you see a beaver lodge this time of year it is best to assume there are kits and the parents will defend their young no matter what.

Many wildlife encounters go wrong because people do not understand the animals in question. 
We think of beavers as a big furry rodent, but they are very good parents and they will do anything to protect their young.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am glad the dog was okay in the end. But yes, no-one should let their dog go near any creature who has young. Even the mildest sweetest animals will be aggressive if they feel their young are threatened. There should be warnings put up, in park areas, or wildlife areas about keeping dogs either on-leads or under strict control, or maybe not even walking in those places?
Many times people and dogs have been attacked and sometimes even killed by cows in UK. It is often because the cows are protective of their calves if they are in the field with them.
I have heard about cows killing people. I never thought about the fact that they were protecting calves.

People let their dogs swim around beaver dams. They never think that they might be distressing the beavers. When their are babies involved and creature can become aggressive. I think people underestimate what a beaver can do. They are bigger than you think and they have sharp teeth. They can also pull a dog under water. They are able to stay under water longer than a dog.

People just don't think. This time the dog was lucky to survive, but the beavers are able to kill a dog if they feel their babies are threatened.

I think there are signs in some areas, but people do not obey them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Attacks by cows aren't always about them protecting their young. The Bullocks are very frisky, and very heavy and dangerous and will often charge and surround a person just for the sheer fun of it. They most likely don't mean to kill anyone, but they are aggressive in a sense in that they will make a bee-line for someone to harass them.
People (and dogs) get killed because they get knocked down and trampled on.

I can't believe that people are choosing to ignore warning signs about the Beavers! How thoughtless.
I think people ignore warning signs about beavers because people don't see them as dangerous. 
People will have complete hysterics if they see a wasp, but they will  ignore warning about bigger more dangerous creatures.
Why would a person be in a field with bullocks in the first place? People will climb fences at a zoo to try and pet a wolf or even a tiger. They laugh at a beware of beaver sign. Beaver are bigger than you think. Usually they are in the water when we see them and we see the head and tail. There is a lot more beaver under the water than we realize.

As you can see this is just one incident of many. In this case the dog threatened the beaver by swimming near its lodge and its young. In other cases the animal was rabid. In either case it should have been preventable if people  had just stayed away or at least moved away from the beavers when they showed signs of aggression.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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