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No excuse for dogs in hot cars
There really is no excuse for leaving a dog in a hot car. Every year some dogs die because they were left in the car. This July 1 was no exception, but the dog was rescued in time. We are becoming more proactive about rescuing dogs and getting help.
The temperature was 66C in the car when the dog was rescued.

It has been terrible lately. There have been  dogs and children left in cars on hot days.

We are in the middle of a dangerous heat wave. The temperature outside of the car on July 1 was unpleasantly hot.
Inside the car it was an oven.
The dog is very lucky, but the fine is way too low. Maybe a pet owner like that needs to be on "probation" for a while. Maybe they should have to sit through a dog safety course.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I find it hard to understand why people are still doing this. Yes I think it would be a good idea for those people who are convicted to do a dog safety course.

I am ver glad to hear the dog was saved very quickly. It's hard to imagine someone would go out to lunch and leave their dog in a baking hot car! 66C (150F) is literally the low temperature of an oven.

It's a very well written article.

I think I've said this before here, but I heard a true story that happened in the tiny town near where my mother used to live in England. A woman had her dog in the car on a hot day, and just stopped by a post box to post a letter. No problem, you'd think. She would be back in probably one minute....
...Except she was hit by a car on her way back crossing the road. She was injured and knocked out. People phoned an ambulance and she was taken to hospital. where she was treated. The big problem was it took a while for her to regain consciousness, remember what had happened, remember her dog, and tell the hospital staff.
Police went to the car when they eventually located it -to find the dog had died. The woman recovered from her injuries very well, but we can only imagine how she must have felt.
A terribly sad outcome. And the woman meant no harm to her dog. But it goes to show anything can happen.
This is why they tell people never to leave their dog in a car even for a minute. Anything can happen. This was an extreme case and it  wasn't the woman's fault that she didn't get back to the car. The result was still the same for her dog. She meant him no harm, but he still died. I can't imagine how she lives with what happened.

When they say NEVER leave a dog in the car, they mean NEVER!!!!
What part of the word never don't people understand?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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