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Lions returned to Mozambique
There is a project called the 24 Lions Project. Their goal is to restore the lion population of Mozambique. Much of the country's  wildlife was lost during human conflicts in the 90s. Efforts are being made to restore other animal populations. The lions however have not returned. The 24 Lions Project has transported 24 lions to the country to be released in groups in the Zambeze Delta where they can spread out and multiply.

This is fantastic news. There are already populations of herd animals in the area. Now there will have the lions, the large predator the area needs to stabilize things. It may take many years, but maybe the country can be restored to what it was before humans damaged it. Remember the wolves in Yellowstone park. Who know what the presence of the lions will do. We are watching the rebirth of a damaged ecosystem. I hope they give us progress reports.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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