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500 pot bellied pigs rescued from hoarding situation
It seems someone started out with a few pigs and just let them breed uncontrollably. The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife was called in because of complaints of free roaming pigs. They found over 400 malnourished and neglected pigs. 
Since then because of births the number is over 500.
The Pigs Advocates League and other rescue groups are now working to care for these pigs and find them homes.

There are pictures in this article that show how neglected the pigs were.

They are thin, they are dirty and they look distressed. 

At first there was a deadline and the pigs were in danger of being euthanized. However response has been good and there are many people wanting to adopt the pigs.  Hopefully all the pigs will end up in good homes. After all they have been through these pigs deserve good homes where they will be properly cared for.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Pig Advocates League are doing really well with this struggle to save their lives. I am glad to hear the deadline or euthanasia has been delayed so long as PAL can show ongoing efforts.
But $100,000!! And so much work. What a strain PAL must be under, to try their best to save and re-home every life.

It's good to hear they have received so many adoption requests. Yet that is further hard work, as each request has to be checked thoroughly.
PAL are doing wonderful work for these pigs.
How can anybody allow the situation to happen? (re: the original person who let them breed like that.)
I agree, the Pig Advocates League is doing amazing things here. I think they will find homes for all the pigs.  They are also getting the females spayed. For some of those girls it must be a relief to stop having litter after litter.

How did this happen? I am sure their owner meant well when she took in the initial herd of pigs. If she had spayed the females or kept them separate from the males the numbers would have stayed low. Once the  litters started happening why didn't she separate them at that time.

People are strange. They can see animals multiplying, but they seem unable to do the simple thing of removing the males. They must know that the animals are breeding. It is as if they hope the breeding will somehow stop on its own. They act like they are powerless to stop it.

I was involved with a hamster situation years ago. The people bought one dwarf hamster from a proper pet store. Then they came across a whole litter and they brought home 4 more and put them all together. A few short months later they had 50 hamsters. They went back to the pet store almost to complain(the pet store only sold them one hamster). The pet store called me and I went to their house and sorted the hamsters out. I gave them some spare cages so we could separate all the males. They never had another litter after that.

The woman with the pigs was in the same mess, but she didn't ask anyone for help.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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