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Fat owner=Fat dog
Danish researchers have been surveying dogs and owners and found there is a correlation between the weight of the owner and the weight of the dog. Overweight people have overweight dogs. It didn't matter what breed the dog was.
This tendency to obesity shortens the dogs life by a couple of years. It also shortens the owners life, but that is another story.

It does seem obvious doesn't it. Whatever lifestyle choices we make or dog has to go along. If you are out there walking and running every day ad eating healthy, your dog is going to be doing the same. If you are a real couch potato who lives on junk food your dog will join you just as easily.  Whatever choices we make our dogs are going to go along with them. Even if it endangers their health, our dog will still do it.
So, if you won't look after your health for your own sake, do it for the sake of your dog. If your dog is gaining weight  then you both need to live a healthier life.
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