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Fired conservation officer wins case
In 2015 Bryce Casavant worked as a conservation officer in BC.  He was called to a case of a female bear eating salmon from someone's outdoor freezer.
I believe we had some discussion around the fact that the freezer was out in the open and not locked. What hungry bear with twin cubs could resist that.
She paid for it with her life. Bryce was ordered to kill the cubs and he refused. He took them to a sanctuary where they were raised and later successfully released to the wild. For doing that he was fired. He was supposed to kill the two perfectly healthy cubs.

Bryce fought the firing as a wrongful dismissal case and he has just won. He has not yet been reinstated, but he has won the case.

He did the right thing to let those cubs live. I still think the fault lies with the person who had a freezer full of salmon out where a bear could get at it.
What did she expect. The bear just helped herself to free salmon. She didn't expect to die for it. 

I am glad the case of wrongful dismissal has been won. Now I hope Bryce gets his job back. He has been through enough these past years. It is time for life to return to normal for him and his family.
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