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Is there a Yulin Festival this year
We are coming up on the time for the Yulin dog and cat eating festival. A lot has happened since the festival last year.
The Chinese government has declared that dogs are not livestock.

This is important when it comes to stopping the consumption of Dog meat. 
Would this be enough to stop a festival dedicated to eating dogs? 

It seems there are animals ready to be slaughtered.

However this article seems hopeful that the festival will be stopped.

I am not sure from what I am reading if the festival is actually stopped or not. 
As we approach the date we may learn more. 
I will keep  searching and post anything I find.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Looks hopeful. Updates will be greatly appreciated.
Humane Society International is hard at work as always trying to stop the slaughter.

What is not clear is whether the festival will still take place. 
If it does it will surely be reduced in size.  

I will keep looking for information.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Chinese celebrities  have spoken out against Yulin.

These celebrities have made it very clear that they are against Yulin and the dog meat industry it stands for.  
It looks like Yulin will take place this year. I just hope it is in a reduced form.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This "festival" normally attracts crowds. Surely the risk of Covid will discourage some people from going, or perhaps motivate central government to act decisively to end this awful "festival"?
Yes the government should stop this to prevent another viral outbreak. That alone would be a good enough reason to stop the festival.
There are so many reasons why this festival must end now.
Groups like Humane Society International will not stop until  the dog meat industry is closed down.

Their efforts to shut down the dog meat farms have saved many dogs and made less dogs available for slaughter. 

I was surprized to learn that the Yulin Festival only goes back to 2010. It is not a long standing tradition. Since that was the defence for having the festival, there is no reason not to stop it.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Sadly, the "festival" went ahead, albeit with a decline in the numbers of visitors:

"Amid growing concerns about hygiene, China fast-tracked laws banning the consumption and trade of wildlife.

While the law does not apply to dog meat, Shenzhen and Zhuhai – southern cities not far from Yulin – banned the consumption of dogs in April, becoming the first cities in China to do so."
(quoted from the above website.)

From  the above, I take it that the dog meat ban is localised? It may operate in certain areas but not in others?

Blessings to all those lovely Souls who suffered extreme torture but who are now free from this world.
It sounds like Yulin is being stubborn. The focus of the festival is unpopular and it was way to dangerous to have a large gathering like that. The pandemic is not over yet.

Next year when things are more normal Yulin could find a way to celebrate the summer solstice without killing cats and dogs. 
They could create a healthy happy festival that people would enjoy. 
The whole world is adapting to new realities. Yulin needs to do the same. It is no longer acceptable to cruelly kill and eat dogs and cats.
It is also not considered a safe food handling practice. Dogs and cats can carry rabies. They could have a terrible rabies outbreak because of the festival.

It is too late for the sad victims of Yulin this year. Smiley19 All we can do is work to make it the last year.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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