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French dog breeders allowed to sell excess dogs to labs
During the pandemic shutdown, the sale of puppies  has been slow in France. Businesses were closed. Breeders have a surplus of animals they can't sell through normal outlets.  The French government has allowed the breeders to sell their extra puppies to research labs where they will be subjected to cruel experiments and ultimately be killed. Worse, these cruel experiments in no way benefit humans even though benefiting humans is the justification given for experimenting on animals.

This is horrible. These dogs were bred to profit animal breeders. When they became unprofitable they also became expendable. If they could not generate money for the breeder through normal means then the breeders have sought to profit through any other means.  In this case they are being sold to research labs. The breeders don't care what happens to them. As long as they bring in some money, it doesn't matter if they suffer. If they could sell them as dog meat they probably would do it.

Shame on the French government for allowing this to happen and shame on the breeders for  doing this to their dogs. Any breeder that would do this should never be allowed to own a dog again.
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I quite agree. This is appalling. It is to be condemned without reservation. The breeders should not be allowed to unload their excess puppies in this way.

It is worth adding, of course, that the wider issue of animals being used in experiments - to which I have been opposed all my life - is a worldwide issue. Cruel experiments have been going on for centuries. As far back as the 17th century, the foul Descartes took his wife's pet dog, nailed it to a board and dissected it alive. Don't believe me? See:

So much for humans being "morally superior" to animals!
Quote:I quite agree. This is appalling. It is to be condemned without reservation. The breeders should not be allowed to unload their excess puppies in this way.
This is shocking and we all react to it, but you are right that animal experimentation has been going on for centuries. It happens all around us, everyday, in universities and drug companies. Medical research and product testing go through horrific numbers of animals. Using animals for so called science has become a way of life for us.

I don't know when it started. I think Descartes would have been a product of his time. No one reacted to his animal torture because others would have been doing similar things. They were not afraid to experiment on poor human children. Experimenting on animals would have been nothing to them. It is so deeply ingrained in our methodologies that even knowing it doesn't work isn't enough to stop it. Scientists work for years on projects that torture many animals and give no useful results and it never occurs to them to stop. As long as there is money to pay for it people will keep on doing it.

This current issue is just part of a larger problem. It needs to be fought and full outrage expressed. If possible breeders need to be exposed for what they are doing. Best not to buy a dog from any breeder that has so many puppies that they would consider selling them to labs.

As always, boycott products that come from companies that use animal testing. Some day humans have to give up these practices. We need to be better than that.
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