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Animals left to burn in shelter fire.
There are two shelters in Portugal that are not up to the standards of decent animal care. Rescue organizations have tried to get them closed and the animals taken to better places. Local governments would not listen.
Now the unimaginable has happened. Both shelters were caught in the path of raging wildfires. None of their staff would open animal cages to free the animals. When others tried to enter the buildings to save the animals they were blocked. Most of the animals were burned to death.

Afterwards they would not let anyone in to search for survivors. 
Finally people have broken in and rescued any animals still alive.

So many questions come to mind. 
Why wouldn`t the local government close the shelters. The animal care was substandard to the point of cruelty.
Why would they defend such places.

Now that this horror has happened, why are they still defending them. Many animals could have been saved if people had acted to free them. If the staff didn`t want to free animals or if they were too afraid, there were others willing to do the rescuing. They did not give any animals a chance. They left them to die, trapped in their terrible cages.

After the fire, why would they block people trying to help survivors. What kind of people would not check to see if any animals could still be helped.

What kind of people would keep animals in horrible conditions in the first place.

I did find another article. The situation is complicated and needs to be investigated.

It looks like they did not want the animals rescued because there was something going on. I hope they can force the truth out into the open and charge the shelter owners for their actions.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a terrible tragedy. And the management of it was wrong on every level. It doesn't bear thinking about the suffering so many of them must have gone through when rescuers were being blocked from searching for survivors!
Presumably, any survivors would have been deprived of water also during that time.
It's truly dreadful, and all because of stupid humans' red tape.
It may be more than red tape. They may have been up to something and they didn`t want anyone to see the animals.
It is unthinkable that they wouldn`t accept help rescuing the animals after the fire. You are right, the dogs had no food or water during that time.
It also sounds like they had enough time to remove the animals before the fire. They could have tried to save some of them.

I hope they do charge them with abandoning the animals.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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