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Vietnam bans wildlife trade
Vietnam in response to the Corona virus outbreak has acted to ban the wildlife trade and to close wildlife markets.
They are also increasing penalties  for those involved in the trade. This response recognizes the harm done to wildlife by the wildlife trade and it recognizes the danger to humans from importing wildlife.

We have now reached a point where trading in endangered species not only harms the species. Nature is fighting back. We have now endangered ourselves by the wildlife trade. If that is what it takes to save endangered species, then that is what it takes. Of course we wouldn't save wildlife because it is the right thing to do. 
We are going to do it because the impact of this pandemic has been devastating for humans. We can't afford to start another different pandemic when we are not safe from the first one.  

Now we need the rest of the countries involved in wildlife trading to step up and impose bans on the whole industry.
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