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Animals Lebanon works to rescue the pets of Beirut
First let me express my condolences to the people of Beirut. This is an unthinkable tragedy with so much loss. I can't imagine how they are coping right now.

In the midst of this human tragedy there are many animal victims who are lost and frightened, many of them injured.  Animals Lebanon is there to help.
They are close enough to the blast site to suffer some damage to their building. In spite of that their volunteers are out there searching and rescuing animals.
In the midst of so much loss they have been able to reunite people with their pets.

Many animals will now be without anyone to claim them as so many people were killed. Rescuing these animals and providing for them is essential. The volunteers  combing the streets and searching buildings are brave and caring people. Nothing can mitigate this tragedy, but there are little bright moments of seeing an animal reunited with their family. When you have lost everything, finding that you still have a beloved pet  can provide hope.  It will take much to clear away the mess and rebuild. For now caring people are out there searching for the lost animals. They have my respect. I wish them safety and success in their efforts.
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