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Condor chick Iniko survives the wildfires!
It has been days since the California wildfires destroyed the Condor Sanctuary. Condors are still missing. There were chicks in nests and even if their parents have survived the fate of the chicks was unknown. We watched the web cam of Iniko as the fire approached and then the camera failed. His fate was unknown until a biologist was able to hike into the area  and check on him. Iniko lives! Heart The poor little guy has had a rough time and it must have been scary for him, but he made it. Now we can hope the rest of the birds are well and return to the area.

Just seeing Iniko alive gives me hope for all the other animals that were caught in the fire zone. Some will have survived. Not all is lost.
The Condor Sanctuary will rebuild and trees will grow and life will return to normal.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Another condor chick has been found alive!

There is hope for the rest of the birds. As the fire area clears they may return. They could be alive way up in the mountains. Even finding two chicks and one adult alive is amazing. I hope for further good news.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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