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New Zealand company creates possum based dog food.
A New Zealand company has started a market for dog food made from possum meat. It has really caught on so now dogs eat 70,000 possums a year. 
Yes I did mean to type seventy thousand possums. These animals are trapped and hunted by professionals on certain lands. Since possums are considered pests they have no legal protections. There would be no limit on how many could be killed in a year or how they could be killed.

On the surface this is a business success story. Or perhaps it is a story about an alternative healthier dog food. 
Then you think about 70,000 dead possums in a year and is a massacre story. 

However this is only part of a bigger picture of Possum eradication.

Possums may be out of control in New Zealand, but they are not even there by choice. Humans introduced them in the first place. They brought the possums into New Zealand so the could exploit them for their fur.
So humans brought an animal to a country where it didn't belong. Clearly humans messed up and let the animal get loose and multiply. Now that things are out of control, humans set out to massacre the animals that they let loose in the first place. 

Don't we have an obligation to find more humane solutions to our ecological disasters? It doesn't say anything good about us that we always turn to culls, slaughters and massacres to fix what are actually our mistakes. We have to do better than this.

It turns out the dog food company might be the more humane group in an inhumane situation.
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